Sunday, July 13, 2014

Developers Diary Day 95

Alright!!!! its finally here. after weeks of testing, fixing bugs and then testing again i'm finally ready to click submit on the iTunes store...( i use ready loosely because its a completely terrifying process of waiting 2 weeks for a complete and total stranger to judge my game all gladiator thumbs up or down style. ) but its a relief to be mostly done with the game. after i submit this one i will have to spend a day next week converting it over to a free version (same game just with ads) i was going to try and have an IAP (in App Purchase ) to turn off ads but after days of struggling to understand the gibberish i gave up. currently its out of my wheel house.  after that i need to switch gears and make the android version of both. good news is that bits an incredibly easy process thanks to Unity. for the most part it should just be a simple click of a button then waiting about 5-10 minutes while it reimports everything. then i just build and upload to Google Play!! nice and easy.

so thats it! thanks for sticking around and reading what its been like to create this game. hopefully with in a few months i'll start a new developers blog and we can do this all again with a different game! which means new challenges, new frustrations and new things to learn! Thanks for stopping by and supporting this developers diary! (i will post a final post in this developers diary series about the launch of the game when it becomes available!!)

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